About Who Are We ?

Welcome to Tecsomed

Tescsomed provides innovative solutions to effectively manage diabetes providing better quality of life, peace of mind, and reduced healthcare cost. Our focus is on managing the dynamics of chronic disease with "beyond the pill" technology. We look beyond just the collection of data, and how to constructively utilize the data real-time with predictive analytics for intervention, behavioral management, disease education, and “peace of mind.” We understand being a child with a diabetes can be overwhelming, and being parent of a child with chronic disease can be stressful. Tecsomed’s MyPOM platform bridges that gap bringing together tools to not only identify where potential risk exist, but also give the ability to communicate, locate, and educate an at risk child.

Our Mission

Tecsomed’s mission is to improve health and well-being by providing the most advance and scientifically validated solutions to those with Juvenile Diabetes. Tecsomed is committed to innovation, first-class customer service, and allowing kids to be kids.

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